Welcome to The Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism

                                                                              Who we are and what we do

The Rainbow Club is run entirely by volunteers. The club is a non-government funded service so the club relies solely on fundraising and donations to function. There are 62 volunteers who give their time freely to help run the club. All our volunteers are Garda vetted and some have children who are on the spectrum.

Volunteers are certified in;

  • LÁMH 
  • First Aid
  • Buntús Programme for sports
  • 4 volunteers with Certificates in Autism Studies from UCC

We also use the services of qualified, trained professionals in the following areas,

   Occupational Therapy 

   Speech & Language Therapy 

   Play Therapy

   Art Therapy 

For children with ASD it is often the social aspects of their lives that cause the most stress. Uncertainty and an environment full of fast-paced changes, where they are expected to respond appropriately to the demands and emotions of other children, can lead to the notorious "meltdowns". These can look like temper tantrums, but are actually a response to extreme stress caused by their inability to react "correctly" to their environment.

At the Rainbow Club, we help the children develop their social skills using a wide range of activities such as

  • Music groups
  • Social groups
  • Art therapy 
  • Speech & Drama
  • Sports Clubs (Supported by Cork Sports Partnership)
  • Teen boy & girl social groups
  • Arts & crafts
  • Parent support 
  • Sibling support 


charity number 20156091