Upcoming Events & Courses

We have many upcoming events throughout the year. Keep checking here and our facebook page for updates.

Due to huge demand for the 10am-1pm session on 27th April. We have decided to an additional course in the afternoon from 2-5pm.

For those who have booked a morning session and received an email back your slot is booked.

This allows us to give other mums the opportunity to attend the course.

We hope this will be of great benefit to you all & thanks for your interest.

As we have been inundated with requests for tickets I'm sure our Annual Masquerade Ball is no longer 'news'.

However with some tickets remaining for the 2nd night in aid of Togher Boys School new ASD unit, why not grab a buddy, dust off the gladrags - cos we know they've been sitting there a while - and make a night of it for a very worthy cause.

Rainbow Club supporting local.


This years Golf Classic is sure to be a hit with some exciting prizes soon to be announced so stay tuned.

To book in your teams TEE TIME just call any of the numbers on the left - slots are starting to fill so get in touch.

All proceeds of course going to our NEW HOME APPEAL

The Rainbow Club was delighted to facilitate this TUSLA led course which we saw a great uptake and interest on.

We received great feedback and it really shows the need for more services such as this.

Our parents were delighted to avail of this course through the Rainbow Club.

On-going events

For tickets contact ball@rainbowclub.ie