Volunteer Lead Programmes


The Rainbow Club has a very popular music programme. The music programme started with 6 children in 1 group. Now it has expanded into 3 groups and is catered to help children learn to play instruments, sing, listen to tunes, dance while singing, learning to tolerate music and noises, while having fun. The most important part of this programme is to make sure the children have fun and are comfortable. This builds the child's confidence and self esteem. The music programme is co-ordinated by a team of volunteers who themselves play instruments. The programme hopes to expand in the future, offering the programme to more children in the club.

Social Groups

The social groups focus on helping the children socially interact with others. With Autism, a lot of the children struggle with the social aspect of the diagnoses. This could include isolating themselves during playtime, lack of eye contact and distancing themselves from other children. Social groups helps children learn how to play together, work as part of a team, to respect each others boundaries, learn how to wait, how to take turns and to accept sudden changes without getting stressed. These groups are vital for the children as it prepares them for school and higher education in the future.

Speech and Drama

The Speech and Drama group is held by the drama group Konfident Kidz in the Rainbow Club. In this programme, the children learn through drama and role play. This can help with social interactions, making friends and reducing anxiety. It is the perfect medium to teach the children about the complex world we live in.


The Rainbow Club's sports programme was set up to help the children with listening, following instruction, taking part in activities, movement, balance and co-ordination. This helps not only the child but also helps the parents learn about their child, developing interaction with their child and most importantly, having fun together in a calm environment.

Teen Boy & Girl Social Groups

The boy and girl teen groups provides support to help them build friendships and confidence. It helps the teens to make friends in a place where everyone understands and can support the process. They are encouraged to interact in social situations while respecting each others needs, personal space and it teaches them to show consideration towards their peers. We help expand talents and interests and we encourage these friendships to continue outside the club.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is a regular activity at the Rainbow Club. Painting is used for communication, sensory challenges, learning to play with others and having fun. Play dough and clay are used as a tactile tool to provide sensory feedback. The volunteers use card making to enhance imagination and challenge creativity. The children get to work with beads, use scissors, crayons, pencils, glitter, buttons and stickers. All of which helps improve their fine motor skills.

Parent and Sibling Support

The parents and siblings support groups are part of the clubs 10 year plan and have yet to be established. These groups will be held weekly or can done on a one to one basis with professional therapists. This support will help struggling families with any issues they are facing. With the Rainbow Club's new premises, there will be an allocated room specifically for this support programme.