ASD Santa 2018

The Rainbow Club hosts it's very popular ASD Santa over 3 weekends this year.

Our ASD Santa experience has taken 120 hours in total of prepping and design to put together each part has unique details to help challenges of autism with sensory help all over it. The scenery is calming and subtle and the sections are put in places that help children relax and enjoy it.

We have included in our design astro turf grass and 3 different types of carpet for touch and sensory feel which are vital for their feel and comfort. We added a ball pool, lighting, snow area and log cabin which give input for the child and also help calm anxiety. Our snow machine, sleigh and train have sensory panels and visual items for touch and sensory input.

We use sensory bean bags, soft blankets for sitting on, a sensory ball for bouncing on, sensory boxes with items to hold squeeze and touch which give huge support to children, especially the anxious ones.

This year our ASD Santa will welcome over 500 children on 3 weekends. Santa knows LÁMH and PECS and has experience with ASD children at club. Our elves are trained volunteers from the club and parents of children with autism so there is lots of Autism Awareness to help families that come.

Please contact us at to book a family slot. Please include the names and ages of the children that will be attending, parent/guardian phone number and email. Please specify the name of the child/children with ASD.