Professional Services

Speech and Language Therapy

Professional Speech and Language therapists assess, diagnose and treat people with communication difficulties in a wide variety of settings including health centres, hospitals and schools. Therapy services help people with speech, language, fluency, voice and swallowing difficulties. A Speech and Language therapist comes to the club to help families in need of support. This therapy is at a cost to the parents but The Rainbow Club subsidises a portion of that cost for the family. This is an expensive treatment privately therefore we fundraise to aid families in these matters also

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is the use of particular activities as an aid to recuperation from physical or mental illness. The Occupational Therapist that comes to the club each week works with a younger group of up to 5 children and gives feedback to the parent of each child. She also sees children on a one to one basis. Again this service is a cost to the parents with the club subsidising a portion of that cost. Right now there are 26 children getting support weekly as part of a 6 week programme. There is unfortunately a long waiting list of children waiting to avail of this service.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a commonly used form of treatment for autism, as it helps mitigate symptom, while channeling autistic behaviours into a creative outlet. It promotes communication, emotional growth and sensory integration while also fostering social interaction in a fun setting.

Play Therapy / Sensory Play

Play Therapy provides a safe way for children to experiment and explore new experiences and emotions. They learn to regulate through difficult experiences, at first with support and then on their own. Sensory play sets the foundation for communication (through rhythm based and interactive play), social skills and social play, regulation and managing anxiety, empathy, theory of mind and flexibility.