Why we started

The Rainbow Club for children with autism opened it's doors in June 2015. The clubs' aim is to help and support families living with autism

The club was founded by Karen and Jon O'Mahony, who's sons Sean and Stephen have autism.

Karen and Jon, along with many families in Cork, suffered from the lack of resources in Ireland for children with autism, particularly early intervention, and felt the need to take matters into their own hands.

When we started in June 2015, 26 children attended the Rainbow Club on a weekly basis. By January 2016, 125 children were attending every week. By January 2017 the Rainbow Club had 237 children on a weekly basis and weare now running at full capacity with over312 children using our services. By this year we have 402 children are attending The Rainbow Club 

Now we have a waiting  list of over 128 families waiting to join the Rainbow Club. To facilitate these numbers, the Rainbow Club requires a bigger premises. this year we also received our charity number 20156091